"Seed" is awarded Best of Show by Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery.

Title “Seed”
Pen on paper, 15.5" x 21.4"


Have a great year in 2018!! (Dog is the 2018's symbol in oriental zodiac) :-)

"Pulse" was selected as one of the best 100 of Creative Quarterly 2017, in the category of Fine Art.


My works appear on a magazine - Creative Quarterly 45-46, the Journal of Art and Design.

My art works apear on a magazine - Creative Quarterly 45-46, the Journal of Art and Design, as winner of Fine art professional and Illustration professional. The art titles are "Motherhood" for fine art and "Tobiko Sushi in the Autumn" for illustration. In addition, my inspirational photo which I have taken for one of my creative idea - lotus ash tray, is on the magazine as well.

"Awkward" is awarded Best of Show by IGOA.

2nd Annual Open "No Theme" Online Art Exhibition by International Gallery Of The Arts, Tronto, Canada
Title “Awkward”
Pen on paper, 14.3" x 10"

My interview appears in the spring issue of Exquisite Arts Magazine.

In this article, I was asked following questions.

1. You have a diverse background as an artist, why did you choose to specialize in pen drawing?
2. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of pen drawing?
3. Why do you choose to create artwork that is drastic and entertaining yet delicate?
4. Has relocating to the UK and the U.S. affected your artistic style or artwork?
5. What are your opinions regarding the thought that art cannot be taught, that an individual either possesses or lacks artistic talent?
(Click the image to view the interview!)

"Ambition" is awarded Honorable mention at West Coast Biennial.

West Coast Biennial, Exhibition at Turtle Bay in CA, US
Jan/27/2017 - Apr/30/2017
Title “Ambition”
Pen on paper, 31" x 21.4"

One of my art pieces has been selected as a Honorable Mention of WEST COAST BIENNIAL which is an art competition for artists living in the west coast in US. My art piece is exhibited in an exhibition hosted by the competition in Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding, CA.

"Motherhood" is awarded Honorable mention by LICC.

London International Creative Competition 2016 (LICC), London, UK
Honorable mention

"Motherhood" is awarded Winner by the Journal of Art and Design.

Creative Quarterly 46, the Journal of Art and Design, 2016, NY, US

Title "Motherhood"
Pen on paper, 14.3" x 10"

My recent pen drawing won awards of British and American art competitions.
Work's description- "I drew this work with pigment ink pens on paper. Floral blooming is our lives, which born from roots, as we born from female. Motherhood is the beginning of everything."

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